Nita’s Passion

Female owned handmade unique jewelry. Specializing in one of a kind accessories that accentuates any look.  Semi-precious stones, ebony, brass, copper, and silver obtained from The USA, Philippines, Africa, India, Turkey, Indonesia, China, and other exotic lands.


It was the summer of 2014 when Nita’s whole life changed. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. While undergoing treatment, jewelry making became the one constant Nita could rely and count on, a shelter in the eye of a terrible storm. And thus, all the negative energy was transformed into creative bliss, birthing a life transforming career that she took to effortlessly.

Nita’s Passion is born of light overcoming darkness, a new dawn where all hope was once lost. Owned and run by Aguinita “Nita” Aiken, the brand comprises of exquisitely beautiful, high quality original pieces of unequaled standards, available at affordable prices. With keen attention to detail, only designer quality components are used, resulting in timeless, fine creations that make women feel beautiful, luxurious, and fashionable.

Every piece is a reflection of Nita’s journey; a newfound purpose tapped into creating pieces for people like her… passionate and full of life. Of a distinctive style and timeless aesthetics, she creates pieces that speak to the discerning buyer who is on the receiving end of something special.

A tale of beauty, strength, and courage, Nita shares her zeal for life and creativity with her customers by designing and creating bold statement pieces for the modern woman, putting her heart in each, resulting in symbols of love and care.